Here are the Commands that the Leaders will be using in Kapa Haka.
Please learn them as I will be testing the KAPA (Group) at each session from now on.

Pay attention to the commands coloured Blue in particular:
  • E tū: stance standing still
  • E Noho: sit still
  • Hope: hands on hips
  • Ka Mate Kia mau!: take your stance for the Haka Ka Mate
  • Ki Raro: Hands down by your side
  • Kia Rite: Get ready, make sure there is enough space between you and others around you for Haka
  • Kia Tau: Settle Down Be Quiet and Pay Attention!
  • Kia Wiri: start your hands quivering
  • Mataki ki Runga: Look Up (Runga)
  • Mataki ki Raro: Look Down (Raro)
  • Papaki Titaha: use the takahia (step) to Titaha (move sideways) and Papaki (Clap) through the group
  • Pūkana: wide opening of the eyes and dilating of the pupils (men and women)
  • Ringa whiua: swing arms (Ringaringa) across body
  • Ringaringa E Torona: Arms outstretched Kei Waho Hoki Mai - out and back!
  • Taringa Whakarongo: Listen by keeping quiet for the speaker
  • Tika Tonu Kia Mau: take your stance for the Haka Tika Tonu
  • Waewae takahia: commence beating the RIGHT foot (waewae)
  • Whakapiri: Come together (for Waiata without actions)
  • Whakarārangi: Line up in EVEN rows for Waiata-A-Ringa (Action Songs)
  • Whētero: sticking out the tongue (males only) extra to the Pukana command.